Barry Hamilton, REO, MSEE, MIEE (Now MIET)

As an overview, I would like to start by saying that I have a
passion for communications and teaching.
I have my Master's in Electrical Engineering and have been
involved with electricity, computers and electronics since age 15.
I have taught at the university level, and my greatest love is to teach
one on one.

Born and raised on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA
30 Miles at sea, I developed a great desire for communication.
My grandfather was the last lighthouse keeper of Sankaty Light
on the island, and I gained his love for the sea.

In High School I worked and passed the tests for my
Amateur Radio License (WA1QWA) and went from
Novice Class to Extra Class, the highest level the FCC awards.

I was awarded all the other licenses that the FCC offered
including the commercial ones:
First Class Radio Telephone License (For working as Station Engineer in TV and Radio) and
First Class Radio Telegraph License (For working aboard Merchant Vessels).

Graduating from High School, I entered Worcester Polytechnic Institute
in Worcester, MA, USA and received my Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering.
During this time, I developed an interest in teaching and extended learning
and became a Senior Tutor in my final year.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude (with Honors) from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).
It is to be noted that WPI was listed by U.S. News & World Report as
being the Number 1 Regional College in the North, in the Regional
Colleges and Universities division.

Upon graduation, I joined the United States Merchant Marine
as a Radio Electronics Officer, with a two year apprenticeship period.

During that time, I realized how much I wanted to teach others what
I had learned, using a simple, foundational approach.

I returned to WPI as a Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant,
with an emphasis on Teaching.

I was the first Recipient of the "Teaching Assistant of the Year" Award
at WPI a university of 3,000 students.

I became an Organizational Manager for specific Undergraduate courses
and eventually had responsibility for helping to teach
over 200 students in a classroom. I managed 7 Senior Tutors in charge of grading
and after hours tutoring. I scheduled these Senior Tutors so someone would
be available to assist students, every weekday, throughout the day.

I ran an optional meeting, known affectionately as, "The Barry Show",
on Sunday nights, before their Monday weekly homework was due.
I would start at 8 PM, and leave when the last student had finished
asking questions.
Remarkably, I would have a turn out of well over 100 students a week
at the Sunday night sessions. Many of them had finished their homework,
but merely came to get an overview. I was very proud of my students!.

After sailing and part time consulting for a number of years,
I decided to work ashore. I accepted employment
with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
the organization which found the RMS Titanic,
and worked with their computers, communication equipment and electronics for their fleet.

I developed an automated Radio Teletype based communications system,
with the computers controlling the scanning of the radios and automatically
receiving messages.

During my period at WHOI, I received
training and certification as an Emergency Medical Technician, as I have always
felt a need to be able to help people in emergencies.

I worked for WHOI for about 3 years and then
decided to move south to Fort Myers, FL where I worked for FOX Electronics,
a manufacturer of Crystals and Oscillators which are used in any electronics that require a computer or timing

I started as a National Field Engineer, working with IBM, Compaq, Motorola, TI, AT&T, etc.,
helping them use FOX's products in their equipment and troubleshooting when problems arose.
FOX is an Enterprise Level Company and was grossing $40 Million a year.

In four months I moved to the postion of Information Systems Manager which was a staff level position.
The staff was composed of 6 members of the work force,
with a total 100 employees.
I was in charge of all the computer systems at FOX, and had five employees
working for me. We had NT, Unix and Novell servers, and 60 Windows NT Workstations
on the work floor.

I left Fox and returned to Nantucket Island to help my aged parents.
During this time, I worked with the local Internet Service Provider, who runs

There I wrote software for running and controlling his web based systems,
using Perl, Java, Javascript and Visual Basic Scripting.
I worked with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS)
as well as Linux (Unix) Servers.

One of my sisters who has retired has taken over watching my family,
so I had moved back to Fort Myers, FL and had been working out of my home
to provide Computer Tutoring using the internet, and in person.

I am now retired, and enjoying life in Exeter, South West England.
I still love to share with others.

A few Notes about my Tutoring

I have worked with several blind people, teaching them how to move
up from MS-DOS to Windows 95/98, using text to speech assistance.
They listen while the computer reads the screen to them.
I had to learn to use the computer using only the keyboard,
as the blind can't normally use a mouse.

Working with the blind opened my eyes. I now work around the house in the dark at night,
which appeals to my Energy/Efficiency Expert Expertise.
It has been quite a learning experience!
I have helped at Cliffden Hotel for the Blind in England.

I can teach computers, from beginner level (including children) to expert.
I can teach computer operating, programming, electronics and ham radio.

I can also teach others how to use what they know using the Internet as a presentation tool and I feel I have many innovative teaching approaches.
If I was asked a question I couldn't answer, my reply would be "Let's find out!"
and find a person or a reference which could answer the question.

I'm glad you spent the time to read my background,
and I would always appreciate your input.
Feel free to Email me from my home page.

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